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Great Wall Cable Co.,Ltd.(Xingtai City Great Wall Cable Co.,Ltd.),located in Taiwan,Yao Ningjin County Industrial Park of Hebei Province,located in the 393 provincial highway(Zheng Xi-line) 102 km east of Yinchuan Expressway,west to State Road 308,transportation is very convenient,the development prospect is broad.Founded in June 1994,is a professional manufacturer of wire and cable.The company occupies 54,000 square meters,construction area of 13,000 square meters.The registered capital of 202.8 million yuan,the existing staff 360 people,technical personnel 68 people,including engineers,8 senior engineers.With modern wire and cable production line 30,in which China's first newly developed in cooperation with three international technology co-extruded rubber cable production line and the three co-extruded cross-linked production lines and high voltage partial discharge detection equipment with 20 pieces(sets.)Relying on advanced production equipment,excellent management and technical personnel,and improved detection methods.have developed a high-quality production."Xu Jian" brand high voltage XLPE cable,power cable,control calbe,flame retardant,fire resistance,waterproof,high temperature cable,rubber cables and power cables for use in mines and other nine series of more than 1,000 kinds of specifications of cable products.Comprehensive national standards (GB),industry (JB) and the enterprise standard (Q/CC) organization of production,strict implementation of ISO9001:2008 international quality system standards,supply,production and marketing of all aspects of the implementation of a comprehensive quality management,product quality the credibility of the Chinese people and property insurance companies. Companies rely on excellent product quality and customer relationships,products are exported all over the country,and has access to the Chengdu Shuang Liu Internationan Airport Expressway,Aba Prefecture in Sichuan Provinde Blackwater County Improvement Project Rural Power Company,Xi'an Yangling seed big summer,Sichuan Province Panxi company substation company sent Ertan Hydropower Project,the Xichang launch base health,Malcolm Rural City Network Ltd 110KV electricity power reform,Jinan City,country and Power Authority and the Electric Power Corporation Xia salt chemical project of Xinwen Mining Group,Zoucheng macro mining Thermal Power Plant,Ji Ning Jinwei Coal Co.,Ltd.,Shanxi Wenfeng Coking Co.,Ltd.,Tangshan to move An Jiujiang Wire Co.,Ltd.,Leting County Power Company,Shijiazhuang Shijiazhuang Vocational and Technical College and College teachers and other large projects,long-term use by the user quality of products by new and old customers welcome and rely on.


"Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification,"and holes AQSIQ issued PVC insulated power cables,control cables and PVC insulated XLPE insulated power cable production permit,the mine power cable has been the national center of mining product safety signs safety signs the certificate issued by the company products and access to CCC certification and CE certification. In recent years the company has always adhered to quality survival,reputation and development of philosophy,have been expanding,and efficiency every year.


The company has won the "brand-name products in Xingtai City,""brand of township enterprises in Hebei Province","famous brand enterprises in Hebei Province","famous brand of Hebei Province","good credit enterprise of Hebei Province""Hebei quality products","Chinese quality products","National quality,observe the credibility of integrity","national product quality supervision of qualified enterprises","Hebei province","Credible Enterprise in Hebei Province","Hebei Famous Brand","honest enterprise in Hebei Province","ensure that measures ability of certificate in Hebei Province"





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