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Design and type-selection requirements of YDF series of prefabricated branch cables
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Design and type-selection requirements of YDF series of prefabricated branch cables

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Design and type-selection requirements of YDF series of prefabricated branch cables

Technical parameters

Design and type-selection of prefabricated branch cables
1.1 For general workplaces or general load, select VV type PVC insulated PVC sheathed prefabricated branch power cable
1.2 For working environment with an average temperature exceeding 35 ℃ or large load, select YJV type XLPE insulated PVC sheathed branch power cable
1.3 For electrical circuit with demand on flame retardance in design, select ZR-YJV or GZR-YJV flame-retardant prefabricated branch power cable
1.4 For fire control electric equipment, elevator electric equipment, emergency lighting electrical equipment or special electric equipment and other circuits, select NH-YJV or SC1-FPB-CE or other fire-retardant prefabricated branch power cable.
1.5 Cross-section of selected main cable and branch cable should set aside 30% capacity and meet the requirements of voltage drop.

Requirements for civil engineering
2.1Hole size of floor inside the electrical shaft:
A、Length of the floor preformed hole: mm
B、Width of the floor preformed hole: mm
A= Number of main cables × outer diameter of main cables× 3 
B = For cross section of main cable of 240mm2 or below, 200mm for single circuit, 300mm for two-circuit; for cross section of main cable of 300mm2 or above, 300mm for single circuit and 500mm for two-circuit.
2.2 Minimum bending radius of the cable:
Single-core R = 20D
Multi-core R = 15D
R is the bending radius and D is the outer diameter of the cable.

Type Size External dimensions
YDF-GJ-01 10-35
YDF-GJ-02 50-150
YDF-GJ-03 185-400
YDF-GJ-04 500-630
YDF-GJ-05 800-1200
Single circuit YDF-TG-11 10-35
YDF-TG-12 50-150
YDF-TG-13 185-400
YDF-TG-14 500-630
YDF-TG-15 800-1200
Two-circuit YDF-TG-21 10-35
YDF-TG-22 50-150
YDF-TG-23 185-400
YDF-TG-24 500-630
YDF-TG-25 800-1200
Single circuit YDF-JJ-11 10-35
YDF-JJ-12 50-150
YDF-JJ-13 185-400
YDF-JJ-14 500-630
YDF-JJ-15 800-1200
Two-circuit YDF-JJ-21 10-35
YDF-JJ-22 50-150
YDF-JJ-23 185-400
YDF-JJ-24 500-630
YDF-JJ-25 800-1200
Lifting ring is installed in the lifting position on the top of the main cable and is only used when lifting branch cables during vertical laying. Upon completion of the lifting work, fix the cable to the building wall within 24 hours, then the lifting ring will not bear the overall total heavy loading of the branch cable any more.

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