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Product Feature

Due to cable are all using inorganic (copper and magnesium oxide powder), it itself does not cause fire, impossible to burn or fire, as a result of the copper melting point is 1083 ℃, magnesia melting point is 2800 ℃, so this kind of cable can be close to the melting point of copper fire cases continue to maintain the power supply, is a real sense of fire retardant cable. And can pass the BS6387 C, W and Z test.


Test Item IEC331 GB/T19216 level BS6387
Burning 750℃、3h 750℃、90min A level 650 ℃、180minB level 750 ℃、180minC level 950 ℃、180minD level 950 ℃、20min
Spray No No W level 650 ℃、15min
mechanical impact No No X level 650℃、15min Y level 750℃、15minZ level 950℃、15min

Large carrying capacity, waterproof
By mineral insulated cable normal use actual temperature can reach 250 ℃, IEC60702 provisions of mineral insulated cable continuous working temperature is 105 ℃, which is considering the terminal sealing materials and the need of safety, even so, its carrying capacity is far more than other cable, because magnesium oxide powder has better than plastic coefficient of thermal conductivity, so the same working temperature, carrying capacity is bigger. For more than 16 was circuits, can reduce a cross section, on the places are not allowed to contact, can reduce two section.
The adoption of copper mineral insulated cable sheath is seamless copper tube, seal mud is used to connect terminal and hi-tech products, which can be a long time to soak in the water, so water molecules are blocked out completely, is a real sense of waterproof products.

Explosion-proof, Anticorrosive
Explosion-proof features: the adoption of copper mineral insulated cable sheath is seamless copper tube, and magnesium oxide powder is closely compacted, combustible gas, oil vapor, the flame will not be able to reach and cable connections of electrical equipment, so the cable have explosion-proof properties.
Corrosion resistance: due to the copper has good corrosion resistance, under the normal use of the environment does not require any additional protection, under the special environmental conditions, such as effect on copper have strong corrosion environment, add a layer of outside cable PVC outer sheath, so cable has good corrosion resistance.

Mechanical damage resistance, long life, halogen-free and non-toxic
Mechanical damage resistance: because of the cable metal sheath has certain strength and toughness, magnesium oxide in the process of cable is highly compressed, so the cable from the deformation such as bending, flattening and reverse, between the conductor and the relative position between the core and sheath remains the same, won't produce short circuit, will not affect the electrical performance.
Long life: Due to materials used are all inorganic materials, cable not aging. Its service life can be in accordance with the copper sheath oxidation corrosion rate to calculate. Data shows, sheathed oxidation 0. 25 mm, the ambient temperature of 250 ℃ to 257, and mineral insulated cable sheath thickness is generally between 0.34 1.05, using the temperature below 250 ℃, so the cable has the characteristics of long life.
Halogen-free and non-toxic: because the cable is all with inorganic (copper and magnesium oxide powder), and even in the 1000 ℃ high temperature combustion also won't produce smoke and toxic gases, halogen is halogen-free, non-toxic cable in the true sense.

Resistance to overload, the copper sheath can be used as a grounding wire.
Resistance to overload: because copper melting point is 1083 ℃, magnesia melting point is 2800 ℃, compared with common plastic cable, mineral insulated cable carrying capacity ability can improve a section level, at the same time can absorb mammoth amounts of overload, the overload capacity can reach more than 10 times the normal load flow.
Copper sheath can be used as a grounding wire: for mineral insulated cables, due to the continuity of the copper sheath and the extremely low grounding resistance, it can be used as a grounding conductor, without the need for separate ground wire.

Product use:Because of the excellent performance of mineral insulated cable, it is suitable for the fire protection, the following line of 1000V and the following:

General lighting Emergency lighting circuit.  Emergency broadcast line

Emergency lift and lift equipment line

Fire alarm control line Computer room control line Fire electrical line
Generator room transmission line Power supply line can not be cut off Double power control circuit
Public place lighting circuit Trunk / trunk distribution system Scenic spots and historic lighting circuit
High temperature environment power and control line Oil pump line Potential hazardous area line


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