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General rubber sheathed flexible cable
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General rubber sheathed flexible cable

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This product is suitable for household appliances, electric tools and various mobile electric devices of AV rated voltage or below.

Product standard
YZ-type rated voltage Uo/u is 300/500V, and that of YC model is 450/750V.
The long-term allowable working temperature of wire core should not exceed 65℃.
W-type cable with weather-resistance and certain oil resistance is suitable for use in outdoors or occasions contacting with oil.
ZR-type cable has flame retardant property.

Type, name and scope of application

Type Name Main uses
YQ, YQW Light rubber-sheathed flexible cable For light mobile electric equipment and tools
YZ, YZW Medium-sized rubber-sheathed flexible cable For various mobile electric equipment and tools
YC, YCW Heavy rubber-sheathed flexible cable For a variety of mobile electronic equipment, can withstand huge exogenic mechanical force

Size and technical parameters
300 / 300V YQ, YQW light

Number of cores × Nominal section
Conductive wire core Average outside diameter Conductor resistance at 20 ℃≤(Ω/km) Reference weight
Pieces/Wire diameter Lower limit Upper limit Copper core Tinned copper core YQ YQW
2×0.3 16/0.15 4.6 6.6 69.2 71.2 30 31.5
2×0.5 28/0.15 5.0 7.2 39.0 40.1 43 45.5
3×0.3 16/0.15 4.8 7.0 69.2 71.2 36 38.1
3×0.5 28/0.15 5.2 7.6 39.0 40.1 74 77.0


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